Kiosk & Media Network  

What is Media Net?

Media Net is a smart multi-site system of touch screen kiosks and media displays with complete remote content management. A perfect solution for shopping malls and retail chains, where administrators can easily manage animated advertisements in their stores or shop windows and provide product and service information to customers using the interactive touch screen kiosks and media displays.

How it works?

Media Net is comprised of a few different software modules and hardware components:

  Software modules

  •  Touch screen application (client-side)
     Can be used for browsing product catalogues, service listings, directories, help and information points and         multiple other uses in shopping malls, retail and public spaces. The application can be integrated with
     different components for e-commerce (payment gateways), self-check out, barcode scanners and many

  •  Media display application (client-side)
     Displays static, animated or video advertisements (commercials) on the site's LCD/Plasma screens.

  •  Live update application (client-side)
     Constantly checks and downloads updates from the remote server and replaces the necessary files on the
     local server, which updates the content on the touch screen kiosk and media display applications.

  •  Content management application (server-side)
     Allows the users to manage and update the content displayed on the site's media screens
     and touch screen kiosks. It provides features such as individual or multi-site management, control of
     the site's hardware configuration, creation of groups and zones, live text updates for the media screens,
     creation of playlists and schedules, update of search terms for the kiosk application and many other functions.

  •  Database (server-side)
Contains the content and settings for the sites.

  Hardware components

  •  Touch screens
     Monitors which allow for touch screen user input.

  •  Media screens
     LCD / Plasma screens where the advertisement or informational media is displayed.

  •  Local server
     On site computer, connected to the touch screen kiosks and the media display units. All the client-side
     software is installed and runs on this computer

  •  Barcode scanner (optional)
     For use in applications which display information when a product is scanned, such as price, availability,
     location and many others. Other uses could include self-checkout and credit card payments, used in
     conjunction with a payment gateway and a credit card reader components.

Reports on client behavior

Media Net can produce different reports such as what were the most searched products for a period, were the screen advertisements working (compared to turnover of advertised products) and many others. We can fully customise our reports inline with our client’s needs and requirements.

Uses of Media Net

Media Net has the ability to display advertisements or other information at multiple locations and to update the content in real time across the sites. Media Net is the perfect solution, designed just for that and the following industries can benefit using Media Net:

  •  Retailers
  •  Shopping malls
  •  Airports
  •  Subway and other public transport
  •  Hotels
  •  Public spaces
  •  Government
  •  Universities and other educational institutions


If you want to learn more about Media Inspector please contact us and we'll be happy to answer all your questions.

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Features & Benefits

Scalable and cost effective solution
New Media Lab is the proprietary owner of Media Net and offers a number of different plans and configuration options to suit our client’s needs. We offer cost effective plans starting from just a few to thousands of sites. Clients can provide approved hardware themselves or we can supply the whole package including on-site installation and maintenance. We can also content manage the sites also if that is required.

How you cut costs using Media Net
Using Media Net could save you the thousands currently spent on printing costs and other advertising and promotional material. Think of not having to constantly print and update brochures and catalogues. With the click of a button you can have your specials advertised on all screens in all your stores / sites for no cost at all.

You could change these every day if you wish in order to direct customers to particular products or services. You can update your touch screen kiosk catalogues in just minutes without paying anything to have this information reach your target audience. Media Net would end up much cheaper to run, will be more effective and will save you thousands.

Customer behavior reports
Media Net can produce different reports such as what were the most searched for products for a period, were the screen advertisements working for a period (compared to turnover of advertised products) and many others. We can fully customise our reports inline with our client’s needs and requirements.

The power of live updates
Live updates to content can be very powerful especially if the information you want to convey to customers has to be delivered immediately or it changes very frequently. Media Net is the perfect solution, which allows you to achieve that with a click of a button.

We can create the ads for you
New Media Lab has over a decade of experience in the design and development of promotional multimedia and marketing campaigns. We can work with our client's existing advertising agency if required, to ensure that the produced material from us is consistent with the client's corporate branding and style. We can create professional cost effective advertising campaigns which we can update and manage for clients if needed.

Reach 1000s with a click of a button
Media Net makes it very easy to convey a message to a multitude of people at no extra cost. If the system's media screens are installed at locations with lots of foot traffic (e.g. shop windows, shopping malls etc.), it's easy to reach a target audience with a powerful message using dynamic media content.

Support 7 days a week
Our friendly staff provide full support to our clients 7 days a week over the phone or via email. Also if your location allows we can drop in and help if needed. Premium 24/7 support can be arranged at extra cost if required.

System maintenance and upgrades
We make sure the system is maintained and upgraded regularly by our staff which prevents any possible blackouts and loss of data.

Servers in most world regions

We have servers in most world regions, which ensures the speed and efficiency of our service.

If for some reason we currently don't cover a location, new servers can be installed on demand. This would depend on the amount of sites the client wants to service with Media Net.