Over the years, the ways that we connect to the media has changed immensely. The word media was not commonly used until the 1950’s when people were connected to the media mainly by newspapers and radio. Since then the media has expanded to include television and the internet. In the United States, we have a free and open media with very few limits. Even though members of the media are free to voice their opinions, they are constantly being analyzed. There are numerous rating agencies and intellectual think tank that analyze and then rate members and factions of the media. Media analysis is often times factional and confrontational, conservatives and liberals analyze each other blacks and whites analyze each other and even different religious factions analyze each other.

While media analysis is often slanted to prove a point, it is necessary because of the media power. The media has the power to change the way we dress, to change the way we vote, and even to change the way that many people think. While the media is not confined to just the news and reporting media (there is the advertising media, the entertainment media, the social media etc) that is the section of the media that is most often analyzed.

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